dimanche 15 avril 2012

Photoshop CS5 Smart Objects Workshop - Make Amazing, Nondestructive Transformations - 3 Free Videos | PhotoshopSupport.com

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Here are 3 free videos from Photoshop CS5 Smart Objects Workshop Make Amazing, Nondestructive Transformations. Most Photoshop artists don¹t make use of Smart Objects, and thus miss out on a potentially very powerful tool. With Smart Objects you can create a complex transformation once and then swap out the contents for any artwork you choose. (If you choose to purchase this product, make sure to use our exclusive discount coupon code PSSV2B for an instant 20% discount.) It¹s the ideal method for simplifying and speeding up repetitive tasks, and it allows you to create templates that can be repurposed as many times as you wish. In this illuminating workshop, Photoshop artist and author Steve Caplin shows you how you can use Smart Objects to enhance almost all your Photoshop work. Introduction to Smart Objects What Are Smart Objects? Starting with a regular image layer, we'll create our first Smart Object in this video. We'll then see how scaling and rotating both layers produces strikingly different results. Complex Distortion Waving the Flag We can take Smart Objects even further when we combine Image Warp distortion with Smart Filters. In this lesson we'll begin by distorting an American flag so it maps onto our photographed flag. Smart Objects in the Workflow Replacing the Covers This video shows how simple it is to replace the covers in our Reader's Digest project. We can copy the new cover to the clipboard, then paste it into the Smart Object - the reflection appears automatically. Then it's simply a matter of repeating the process. (posted by Jennifer Apple for www.PhotoshopSupport.com)

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