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30 Clever Business Cards with Unique Shapes and Materials

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Nowadays, business cards are considered old-fashioned for business promotion. However, the fact is, no matter how old school business cards maybe, they still prove to be a highly effective promotional tool. Some graphic designers stutter at first meeting with clients and expect them to break the ice. This is where business cards serve as icebreakers to start up a conversation with clients.

Conventional business cards were simple and plain. Their shapes and sizes used to be standardized. But in today’s contemporary graphic design world, business cards have to be designed in a trendy and creative fashion in order to make it attractive and memorable. A dull and boring card will be disposed right away in the dustbin by customers. However, when you create business cards that are unique and creative, the recipient of the card savors it for a long time instead of throwing it into the trash can.

Here are some factual guidelines to creating the perfect business card design:
1. Pick the Right Fonts – Among the most popularly used fonts in business cards are Helvetica, Garamond, Eurostile, Bodoni, Clarendon, Rockwell and Champion typeface.

2. Choose Appropriate Color Mode – Most graphic design software like Photoshop and Illustrator have an option of select the ‘Color Mode’. Usually, graphic designers select the default mode which is RGB. But CMYK is the appropriate color mode for print purposes.

3. Decide on a Size and Shape – While designing a business card, you must also be sure to select a standard size (in Inches). For instance, the standard size used in US and Canada for a business card is 3.5 in x 2 in. Moreover shapes of business cards include circular, square, rounded edges and die-cut style.

4. Select the Print Material – Traditionally, business cards were printed on simple paper and stock papers. But now unique materials such as wood, plastic, metal, magnetic and out-of-box methods are being used.


For your inspiration, here is a compilation of 30 creative business cards that were created with unique materials and shapes:


• Business Cards with Unique Materials:


Plastic Business Cards


Motion Dreams


Clear Plastic Business Card


Throncraft Transparent Business cards


Dreamten Studios


Metal Steel Business Cards Laser Cut


Business Card


Colored Metal Business Cards


Steve Wozniak


Wooden Business Card


Road Dog business card design


Wooden Business Card 2


Wood Business Card 3


PVC Business Card


Wooden Business Card 4


• Business Cards with Unique Shapes:


Die-Cut Business Card 1


Charleston Naturally Letterpress




Mineral Water Business Card


Die-cut Business Card 2


Rust And Martin Custom Business Cards


DDQ Design Business Card




Sara Mantle


Ninja BTL


Christmas Business Card


Furniture shop


Bombay Bakery


USB Drive Business Card


Fuelhaus Business Card

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