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Thirst: Photography Resources to Quench Your Thirst [ Week #3 ]

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Photography Resources for Cool Photographers week 3

I’m proudly continuing this series and I hope there are a number of photographers benefiting from the curation aside from myself.  If you’re looking for a 100 links to christmas sales to get you spend spend spend, you’ve come to the wrong resource.   There are a few items in the cool photography section and a couple new WordPress themes for photographers, but you’ll find resourceful content linkes and inspiration.

No matter how sophisticated the camera, the photographer is still the one that makes the picture.

~ Doug Bartlow

Here is a nice photography quote from Doug Bartlow that reminds us how important we are in the process of making the photo.  We are meant to create and while the camera is a tool, you must become a more sophisticated photographer. Hopefully some of these links will help you become creatively sophisticated.

Do you have any topics that you’d like to see articles for? Let us know in the comments!

Now you’ll know that it caught my interest and important enough that I spend much time creating the resource. These are some awesome photography resource mashups for you in the categories of photography tips and ways to improve, photography articles and discussions, mobile and iPhone photography, blogging and WordPress for photographers, photography sets, cool stuff for photographers, and maybe something from too.

Photography Tips and Ways to Improve

  • Taking Control of Exposure - Wow what a great article about exposing the scene
  • Cheap Photography Backgrounds – Sometimes we just need to know that we can get away with something cheap! Photographers get wrapped up in “high quality” and concentrated marketing.
  • CJLive – Allegra Wilde – I hope you have an AppleTV, or iPad or a Tablet to just relax away from your desk to watch these videos. In light of a few links from last week related to working on your portfolio, I thought this was fitting.
  • Advice for Aspiring Photographers – This is an article from in JPG Mag
  • Most Popular Tips and Tricks and Hacks -  Pretty awesome list of the best tips tricks and hacks for photography from LifeHacker!

Photography Articles and Discussion

Mobile and iPhone Photography

Blogging / Websites / WordPress for Photographers

WordPress Theme for Photographers

Photolux photography theme for photographers on themeforest

  • WordPress 3.3 is out! - If you haven’t updated or want to read a little more outside the cool about 3.3 page visit this!
  • WooCommerce Drop & Update for Dec 15th – This talks about the development of the plugin and shipping extension but also that WooCommerce hit a big milestone. I include this mainly because I believe WooCommerce is a great option to look into for photographers to sell their photography or prints

Photography Sets

Cool Photography Stuff

  • Mobi Slyder for iPhone –  For iPhone and creating awesomely smooth video pans
  • Macro Lens Band for Mobile Phones – I’m sure it’s already in the PhotoJoJo store now too but seems for all mobile photography vs just iPhone photography this time.
  • Picto Dolly – Recommended for photographers that are looking to explore Mars :P I would like this to put a motor on it :)

Short Video

This video is brilliant and 150% relates to photography.  Fave it, set it to watch later on AppleTV, or come back here and watch it every week from now on.  It’s amazingly inspiring and another perfect example of the short videos I would love to be able to create some day.

Action: If you find this even the most bit helpful or resourceful and valuable, would you please help in spreading it along?


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