jeudi 22 décembre 2011

in the kitchen with: johnny battles’ trio of truffles


I can’t decide which was more fun this week: making the truffles or corresponding with Eric “Johnny” Battles, chocolatier and founder of Sweeteeth in North Charleston, South Carolina. I was so curious when Johnny offered a series of flavors, none of which I had ever considered pairing with chocolate. As luck would have it, Grace, Amy and I all chose the same three flavors from Johnny’s list, and that’s what we’re bringing to you this week, a trio of truffles: Rosemary and Vanilla Bean, Star Anise and Rose-Peppercorn, and Toasted Coriander Truffles. I thought featuring something easy and unique that could function as a gift would be great. An assortment of truffles is what my husband plans to give his family members . . . if he doesn’t eat them all first. I plan to do my own experimenting using Johnny’s base recipe. If you make these or experiment with your own flavor combinations, let us know! — Kristina

About Sweeteeth: Sweeteeth was started in 2008 by Eric “Johnny” Battles, a tattooed Alabama boy and self-taught chocolatier. Johnny began experimenting with chocolate while working at EVO Pizza in North Charleston, SC. His bon-bons soon appeared on the dessert menu and quickly became a hit. It wasn’t long before other shops started carrying Johnny’s chocolates, so he decided to dedicate all his efforts to his craft, which is making mouths across the country happy. Johnny’s partner, Christina Vandiver, works on the business and PR side. You can see videos of Johnny making chocolate on Sweeteeth’s website.


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