mardi 15 novembre 2011

Join The Tablet Publishing Revolution, No Coding Required - Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

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People are constantly asking me about publishing to the iPad and here's the Adobe solution to this: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition. With it and the familiar tools in Adobe InDesign CS5.5 software, you can create and distribute an iPad application. No coding required. And by adding tablet device content to your repertoire, you'll not only impress your current customers — you'll attract new ones. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is now available in three editions: Single Edition, Professional Edition, and Enterprise Edition. All three editions share the same core functionality, while adding additional capabilities tailored to the needs of the publisher. Single Edition provides small to midsize design studios and freelance designers an intuitive way to deliver brochures, catalogs, portfolios, training materials, and books to the iPad, without having to rely on the services of a developer. Use familiar Adobe InDesign® CS5 or CS5.5 skills to explore new creative territory, and offer extended design services to clients. Professional Edition is the off-the-shelf tablet publishing solution for traditional media, business publishers, and ad agencies. Create highly designed, interactive content and publish it across a variety of marketplaces and devices — including iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, other Android™, and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. Professional Edition is available as an annual agreement or a month-to-month subscription. Enterprise Edition delivers a customizable solution that meets the digital publishing needs of enterprise media publishers, brand organizations, and agencies, enabling greater audience and brand engagement, digital readership, and business value. (posted by Jennifer Apple for
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