mardi 14 juin 2011

22 Moving Cinemagraphs – Give it a Stare!

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Being a graphic designer, I have been an avid follower of new developments and techiniques in graphic design. However, there is one advancment that has always enthralled me…animations and motion graphics and lately I stumbled upon a unique technique that left me mesmerized. After gazing those pictures for quite some time, I pondered to myself…are these images or videos? No it’s a cinemagraph. For those who are unaware of this terminology, let me tell that it’s a sophisticated and refined version of creating animated GIF’s.

Cinemagraph is a technique of blending the effects of images and videos and was introduced by a New York fashion photographer Jamie Beck, in collaboration with motion graphics designer Kevin Burg. Since then, many other designers have created similar forms of cinemagraphs. Today I wish to exhibit a collection of cinemagraphs that are exciting, funny and extremely creative.

Some of these 22 cinemagraphs take time to load, so be patient and watch each of them carefully….you will be amused in the end J


Cinemagraphs 1


Cinemagraphs 2


Cinemagraphs 3


Cinemagraphs 4


Cinemagraphs 5


Cinemagraphs 6


Cinemagraphs 7


Cinemagraphs 8


Cinemagraphs 9


Cinemagraphs 10


Cinemagraphs 11


Cinemagraphs 12


Cinemagraphs 13


Cinemagraphs 14


Cinemagraphs 15


Cinemagraphs 16


Cinemagraphs 17


Cinemagraphs 18


Cinemagraphs 19


Cinemagraphs 20


Cinemagraphs 21

Cinemagraphs 22
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