lundi 14 mars 2011

Graphic Design : Collage : Instagram at the Grammys: MTV Making Use of iPhone Photography

Forget Lady Gaga and the egg. Forget Cee Lo’s insanely awesome performance with puppets. Forget that Eminem killed it on stage with Dr. Dre. The Grammys were huge last night and the activity on Twitter was pretty wild even for me. I was amazed at the number of people that engage in social media as these shows are on. But there was something that was even more awesome to me: the use of instagram at the Grammys by MTV! Even if you’re not MTV, how are you using Instagram or your iPhone for photography to promote your photography and business?

MTV Grammys coverage using Instagram iPhoneography

MTV was making use of iPhone Photography and the popular social photography app, Instagram. Snooki and Sway Calloway hit up the red carpet at the Grammys with an iPhone and snapped shots of their live coverage. iPhone photography, with the help of Instagram, is becoming a seriously fun and social way to share photography in real time for events, leading up to events, and behind the scenes.

MTV iPhone Photography using Instagram at Grammys

MTV making use of Instagram is wicked proof that my vision for iPhone photography is well in motion. If you received my newsletter today, I included another amazing link to something special related to iPhone Photography.

Are major camera companies like Nikon or Canon paying attention to what’s going on with mobile phone photography and the ability to share the photography instantly? I have daydreams where I’m not even concerned with using a Nikon or a Canon for my photography.

Snooki and Sway - Instagram at the Grammys

Everyday something new is happening with iPhone Photography and something is brewing behind the walls of Instagram. Just a week before, I was able to follow Super Bowl hashtags on Instagram and see iPhone photography from Kevin Rose at the game.

Cool. So What? Whatever. MTV is using Instagram because it’s the latest hype and that’s all it is! Right? No way.

I urge photographers to look at what’s happening with iPhone photography and Instagram from a larger view and within judgement. MTV was able to take interesting photographs and share them in real time with people following their Instagram feed. MTV is finding ways to use these tools and platforms to be top of mind in the eyes of fans and viewers. MTV has always been a brand that looks to show it’s creativity and connection with having a good time while coving the music industry. Using Instagram connects with a community of creatives while at the same time it’s doing their marketing, advertising, and making headlines.

Would you expect PBS to start using instagram to promote and share a telethon? I doubt it. Does instagram fit in with your brand as a photography business? Using this app might not be for every photographer out there, especially the very conservative pixel counters out there. Unfortunately there are many many uses for iPhone Photography that some photographers may be missing out on because of their pride.

Instagram being used at the Grammys by MTV is pretty cool and the photography speaks for itself too.

Here are a few more photos I found in the MTV feed that I thought to share:

Instagram and MTV using iPhone Photography

B.O.B at Grammys talking to Sway - IPhone Photography with Instagram

Snooki and Paulie D at Grammys courtesy of Instagram iPhone Photography

Instagram iPhone Photography from MTV at Grammys

Hotness at Grammys with MTV, Instagram and the iPhone Photography

Instagram Photography from MTV at 2011 Grammys

Prediction? Soon we’ll hear people talking about celebrities making money from Instagram photos instead of tweets.

If you’re not already thinking about how you can make the most out of having fun with Instagram and your iPhone, I strongly suggest you start now.

Photo credit – @MTV on Instagram or find them in their instagram feed.

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