dimanche 19 décembre 2010

DIY : How to Back Up Your Tumblr [Downloads]

How to Back Up Your Tumblr

How to Back Up Your TumblrIf you're a Tumblr user, you probably noticed the massive outage it endured this weekend, and you're probably having one of those "what if I'd lost everything" moments. Here's how to back up your Tumblr to save yourself from such distress.

We don't talk about Tumblr a ton around here, but the sheer mass of this week's outage probably left a lot of people thinking—not only about their Tumblr, but other blogs and social networks in the process. Sometimes things go down, and while often it's only for a short while and your data isn't lost, it's important to be prepared for the worst.

To that end, there's the Mac app Tumblr Backup, or the older, web-based Backup Jammy. Both keep all of your Tumblr data saved in easily viewable HTML format on your hard drive.

Tumblr Backup (an app officially from Tumblr) is a simple and self-explanatory app: just log in, tell it where you want to save your backup, and let it go to work. Note that it doesn't back up privabe tumbelogs, submissions, notes, feed-imported posts, or audio files from reblogged posts.

Tumblr Backup is a free download for Mac OS X. You can also backup tumblelogs with the web-based Backup Jammy, and it's equally easy to use.

If you're not a Tumblr user but you've still been scared into a backup frenzy after this weekend's events, you'll definitely want to check out previously mentioned Backupify for backing up your other services.

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