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Welcome, Suann Song

via Design*Sponge de suann of simplesong le 22/02/10

Thanks, Grace, for inviting me to guest blog! I’m thrilled to be here. I’m Suann of SIMPLESONG Design a small design and letterpress studio based in Northern Virginia. This week I’m going to share bits of my favorite things including letterpress printing, minimalist design, and a couple of kid-inspired posts as much of my world revolves around our 3-year-old son, Ike.

To start I thought I’d give a brief background on me and my business.

Started in 2008, SIMPLESONG is based on my love for simple, minimal designs and letterpress printing. My business model has always been do good work, do what I love and have a focused niche. And I’ve been really fortunate to do just that and have a growing business.

In 2010 I’m planning a lot of new things and to begin, SIMPLESONG will be moving on as a home-based business and into a shared studio space with personal friends and business collaborators, Kate Headley Photography and Ritzy Bee Events. We’re taking a unique approach to our shared space by continuing to operate independently but establishing a “creative studio”, called The Hive at 1511.

This space will be used as our respective offices but will also serve as a creative destination where we’ll host boutique-style workshops. Anything from learning the art of letterpress to detailing your wedding to learning how to use a Holga camera for your honeymoon. We just signed our lease and plan to open doors in the coming months. We’re really excited about this and if you’re interested, you can follow our progress here.

Thanks again, Grace, for having me. I look forward to sharing more throughout the week!

[photography by Kate Headley]

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