mercredi 24 février 2010

Low light photo technic

via Lifehacker de Kevin Purdy le 24/02/10

Scottish photojournalist Harry Benson, who's captured some amazing frames of The Beatles, world leaders, and historic events, gives the New York Times his best tip for shooting at night or in low natural light.

He doesn't lighten or otherwise touch his photos with image editors, and his secret to shooting in low light is simple:

Don't be afraid. You'll be surprised just how good your photos will be. Make sure there is some light on your subject's face. But be brave about it. The thing about is that I've been awakened to see just what digital cameras can do in low-light situations. It digs right into spaces that I never thought a camera could penetrate.

The post offers a few nitty-gritty details for manual-settings types, but he's right—the best photographs I've seen from parties, weddings, and news events come from shooters who simply stand steady, shoot what they can frame, and shoot a lot.

How to Take Better Low-Light Photos [Gadgetwise Blog/]

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