mardi 23 février 2010

Dieter Rams 10 Principles for Good Design

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Firstly, Not sure if this is in the right forum area. Apologies if it belongs elsewhere.

I am currently working on a university project about Dieter Rams 10 principles for good design. I am trying to decide on how these principles relate to modern (20th-21st century design) and which products/graphics/architecture/fashion designs they now relate to:

  • Good design should be innovative
  • Good design should make a product useful
  • Good design is aesthetic design
  • Good design will make a product understandable
  • Good design is honest
  • Good design is unobtrusive
  • Good design is long-lived
  • Good design is consistent in every detail
  • Good design is environmentally friendly
  • Last but not least, good design is as little design as possible

What designs do you think these principles apply to?

Is the Apple iPhone a good example of an 'innovative' design?
What seminal design can be related to as 'honest'?
Perhaps a wind farm can be used as an example of 'environmentally friendly' design

I would appreciate any kind of feedback,

Simon x

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