vendredi 19 février 2010

“cup of” notebooks

via Design*Sponge de grace le 19/02/10

i’m not much of a notebook person- but i really should be. i can never type as fast as i’m thinking on my iphone, so i end up scrawling something on a receipt in my purse and then losing it a day later. so when i see cute notebooks like these i always think “go buy them! it will save you from losing ideas!”. tonhid from bold ideas in bangkok thailand recently released a sweet line of notebooks that have simple, colorful colors designed to match the flavor/type of food you may be eating while taking notes. i’m partial to the green tea and strawberry milk designs (which makes me miss this so badly) but the coffee ones would be so much fun to give, along with some great local coffee, as a gift. so far tonhid is selling his notebooks in thailand, but if you send him an email here you can see if he’ll be open to selling them individually via email. fingers crossed…

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